Congregate Housing

The Congregate Housing Services Program provides support services and state subsidies to eligible residents of low and moderate income senior housing who, due to advanced age or chronic health conditions, need daily help with activities such as meals, housekeeping, and personal services.

  • To be eligible, residents must be age 62 and older, have a physical or mental impairment, need assistance in one or more of the essential activities of daily living, need one or more of the services provided in the facility, and are able to live independently with those services provided.
  • Individual program participants contribute to the cost based on a sliding scale. State subsidies are available for eligible residents of participating sites who require financial assistance.
  • An individual's income may not exceed 60% of the State median income and assets may not exceed $27,375 for an individual or $35,587 for a couple. Applicants with the financial means to pay for selected services can pay 100% of the cost.

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For more in-depth assistance, contact your local MAP office directly or call the statewide toll-free number (1-844-627-5465).