Caregiver Support Groups

Caregiver working with an elderly womanMany caregivers find that talking to others who understand the challenges of being a caregiver is a very powerful way of coping. Support groups can provide an opportunity for people to give emotional support to one another, share information and to learn coping skills. Caregivers may use support groups to understand that they are not alone and meet others who are going through some of the same issues.


There are different kinds of support groups. When choosing a support group, consider:

  1. Whether the group is led by a person with professional credentials.
  2. How long the group has been around.
  3. Whether the group has a clear purpose and goals.
  4. Whether the group’s discussions and activities can meet your individual needs and issues as a caregiver.
  5. It may take several tries to find the right support group for you. Be patient and keep trying other groups until you find the right group.

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