Inclusion/Exclusion Policy

Thank you for your interest in Maryland Access Point (MAP). If you are a service provider interested in being added to the MAP directory please fill out the PROVIDER FORM. Providers must meet the inclusion/exclusion policy to be included.

Policy Purpose: To ensure quality and accuracy of provider and program information and services listed on

Description: The Maryland Access Point (MAP) website includes a searchable database where older adults, individuals with disabilities, and those who work with them may obtain information and find long term services in their local area. The website may be used to plan for existing goals and needs or plan for the future. Frequent users of the website include older adults, individuals with disabilities of all ages, family members, and professionals in the health and long term care fields.


  1. Who may apply to be included in the searchable database?
    • Government agencies providing health and human services.
    • Support groups that are sponsored by or affiliated with an agency or religious institution, as long as they provide services for all people and not just their members.
    • National agencies and trade associations that serve Maryland residents.
    • City and county libraries
    • Educational facilities and/ or school districts.
    • Nursing facilities that accept patients who have Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid benefits, or that offer services at a significantly reduced cost.
    • Nonprofit organizations that are affiliated with a for-profit organization to provide a human care service.
    • Hospital and medical services offered for a special population, if the service is not offered by nonprofit organization for the same population on a sliding fee scale.
    • Private home health care agencies that accept Medicare or Medicaid assignments or charge on a sliding fee scale.
    • Medical equipment stores accepting Medicare or Medicaid assignments, charge on a sliding fee scale or reduced cost.
    • Medicaid-approved Personal Assistance Providers.
    • MAP partner organizations and agencies.
  2. What are the requirements to be included in the searchable database?
    • A provider must have an established and current email address, business address, phone number, and a designated contact person.
    • The provider has been providing services for one year in Maryland.
    • The provider must ensure that their information is accurate and updated at least every six months. Providers who do not maintain or update their listings every six months may have their listing deactivated.
    • For profit services must openly disclose the following information to Maryland Access Point for inclusion in their listing:
      • Client fee structure and changes in fee structure no later than one month after its implementation
      • Evidence of license and /or appropriate accreditation
      • Eligibility requirements.


  1. The Maryland Department of Aging reserves the right to exclude any organization at its discretion.
  2. Individual practitioners, e.g. social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, medical doctors, dentist, lawyers, etc. (except Medicaid-approved Personal Assistance Providers and providers that are affiliated with MAP partner organizations) are excluded.
  3. Organizations whose sole or primary purpose is political lobbying are excluded.
  4. Providers will be removed from the database if they neglect to supply accurate information about their organization services.
  5. Providers may be removed from the database or have their listing deactivated if they do not review or update their information every six months.
  6. Any provider that fails to respond to updating requests directly from the database manager via phone, fax or email may have be removed from the database or have their listing deactivated.
  7. A provider who registers will be excluded if they do not agree to comply with the following Terms and Conditions Statement on MAP: “I certify that the information provided is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that does not guarantee inclusion in its programs and services database and listings of agencies and programs is based on the inclusion criteria. I understand that this information may be provided to individuals and published in a variety of formats and that listing or publication of information does not guarantee referrals for services. I also agree to update my information by responding every six months to an email by
  8. Any organization that promotes or delivers illegal services/activities, pornography, violence, or misrepresents themselves or otherwise offers material that is patently offensive to general sensibilities is excluded.
  9. Any agency that knowingly discriminates or denies services based on race, color, religion, gender, disability, age, marriage status, familial status or national origin or intention to make any preference is excluded.
  10. Agencies that have been found to be in violation of municipal, state or federal laws or regulations and have been excluded from providing service under the requisite licensure or certification are excluded.
  11. Providers that are not established or temporary in nature may be declined for acceptance.


If an agency does not meet the criteria for inclusion in the database, the Database Manager will inform the agency by phone, fax or email of the exclusion.