Older Americans Month 2017: “Age Out Loud” ​

Older adults are a growing and increasingly vital part of our country. The contributions they make to our communities are varied, deeply rooted, and include influential roles in the nation’s economy, politics, and the arts.

In 1963, we began to acknowledge the contributions of older people by using the month of May to celebrate Older Americans Month (OAM). Led by the Administration for Community Living, the annual observance offers the opportunity to learn about, support, and celebrate our nation’s older citizens. This year’s theme, “Age Out Loud,” gives aging a new voice – one that reflects what today’s older adults have to say.

Events ​​

Older American Month events by County

Reso​urc​es ​​

The following websites offer information and tools to help you Age Out Loud. And remember to call or visit your local Maryland Access Point for information on resources in your area. Topics there range from volunteering, and nutrition to legal support and transportation.

  • Your Local Resources
  • Your Health
  • Age Your Way
  • Your Security
  • Giving Back
  • For Resources All Year Long

Your Local Resources​​

Explore your options, Search for resources, Connect with your local Maryland Access Point (MAP), and Plan to Age Out Loud all year.

Home & Community
Home Care, Housing, Villages & NORCs, Medication Management & Devices, Nutrition, and Transportation.

Hospitals, Rehabilitation Centers, Assisted Living Facilities, Nursing Facilities, Hospice, and Other Facilities

Medicare, Medicaid, Long-Term Care Insurance, Health Insurance

Health Topics, Health Finder, Living Well, Brain Injury, Dementia, and Falls Prevention

Family Caregivers, Grief Recovery, Resources, Caregiver Support Groups

More Options
Local Agencies, Abuse/Neglect, Developmental Disabilities, and Legal Assistance.

Your Health

A big part of the new way to age is a focus on physical and mental wellness.

Brain Health
dministration for Community Living

Falls Prevention
National Council on Aging

Go4Life Exercise & Physical Activity Campaign
National Institute on Aging

Healthy Eating As We Age

Long-term Care Planning
Department of Health and Human Services

National Institutes of Health

Older Adults and Oral Health
National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research

Sleep and Aging
National Institutes of Health


Age Your Way

Many people are redefining aging by trying new careers, classes, and hobbies.

Arts and Aging Toolkit for Organizations

Directory of Creative Aging Programs
National Center for Creative Aging

Participating in Activities You Enjoy
National Institute on Aging

Second Acts for the Greater Good

Senior Community Service Employment Program
Department of Labor

Your Security

Knowing how to protect yourself plays a major role in aging well and maintaining independence.

Elder Abuse
Administration on Aging

Financial Protection for Older Americans
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Home Modification and Supportive Housing

Nursing Home Resident's Rights
The National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care

OnGuard Online
Office of Justice Programs

Pension and Retirement Fact Sheets
Pension Rights Center

Tips for Success in Assisted Living Facilities
The National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care

Tips for Older Adults on Living Trusts (PDF)
National Consumer Law Center


Giving Back

More than ever, older adults are making a difference—for themselves and in communities—through civic engagement.

Local Volunteer Opportunities
Maryland Access Point

Experience Corps
AARP Foundation

Health Benefits of Volunteering (PDF)
Corporation for National and Community Service

Project Toolkits
Corporation for National and Community Service

Corporation for National and Community Service

United We Serve
Corporation for National and Community Service

Volunteer Opportunity Search Tool

Volunteering and Civic Engagement among Older Adults
Corporation for National and Community Service


For Resources All Year Long

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