Telecommunications and Socialization Resources

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Virtual Senior Centers: Online platform that provide support groups, video chat options, discussion forums, classes, recreational park services, volunteering opportunities and various activities to socially engage with the community and combat isolation. 

Lifelong Learning with Senior Planet: Online technology platform that offers training for latest apps and gadgets, through instructive learning videos, to assist adults in learning and improving their computer skills. For more info: (240) 753-0676 Hotline: (920) 666 -1959 Website: Lifelong Learning Tools with Senior Planet ​

GetSetUP: Online technology platform that holds live interactive classes for seniors for free including instructors for a conducive and comfortable learning platform for physical, mental, and social health.

Elder Helpers: Non Profit companionship service which offers free user friendly, web based virtual platform for senior care connecting volunteers and training them to assist with senior care activities. For more information: Helping Elders and Assisting with Activities 

Sing For Your Seniors: Non- Profit Organization that offers sponsored session by professional artists to low income senior adults to foster connection and provide entertainment virtually. For more information: Singing with Seniors