Veteran Directed Home & Community Based Services Program

What is VDC?

Veteran-Directed Home and Community Based Services (VDC) gives Veterans of all ages who need skilled services, support, and assistance with activities of daily living (bathing and getting dressed) or instrumental activities of daily living (fixing meals and taking medication) the opportunity to receive the Home and Community Based Services they need in a consumer-directed way.

Who is Eligible?

All Veterans who are enrolled in VHA Healthcare are eligible if they meet the clinical need for the service and it is available in their jurisdiction. VDC is targeted to Veterans that meet clinical criteria and have the desire to have more choice and control over their services and supports.

What Does VDC Provide?

VDC assists in arranging Veteran-directed services based upon the needs and preferences of the Veterans. All services and purchases must benefit the veteran, increase independence, provide a feasible alternative to an institution, and be the least costly alternative that reasonably meets the Veteran's identified needs.

The VD-HCBS program is available through the Veteran’s Health Administration’s (VHA) Office of Geriatrics and Extended Care Services.